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On Saturday, 6 April, from 13:00, the Liepāja 17th–19th Century Interior Museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest House” invites to the “Chimney Sweep Day” at Hoyer’s House, 24 Kungu Street, where after spring maintenance of the chimney flue of the House’s historic chimney, the attendees will have the opportunity to engage in conversations, take photos with chimney sweeps, enjoy a musical performance by ethnomusician Ēriks Zeps, and experience an all-new event – a cat exhibition at the museum.

The chimney sweeps will be at the Hoyer’s House from 13:00 when the chimney of the Hoyer’s House mantelpiece will be cleaned. After a job well done, the chimney sweeps promise to answer questions, engage the children in creative activities, and let the fortune seekers touch their special buttons, symbolizing good luck and good fortune in many cultures, just like meeting the chimney sweeps themselves.

At the same time, from 13:00 to 15:00, in the basement of Hoyer’s House, there will be an exhibition of pedigree cats organized by Nellija Ungure, board member of the Latvian Felinology Association “Felimurs” and breeder of pedigree cats. The exhibition will feature breeds such as the Maine Coon, Selkirk Rex, Scottish Fold Cat and others.

Like the chimney sweep, the cat symbolizes good luck in many cultures. Some people believe that cats are carriers of good energy, and they are also believed to promote family happiness and prosperity.

The ethnomusician Ēriks Zeps, a favorite of Liepāja residents and all over Latvia, will provide a lively atmosphere on Chimney Sweep Day after 14:00 in the Hoyer’s Pub. Accompanied by the music, visitors will have the opportunity to have a delicious lunch from the Hoyer’s Pub together with the chimney sweeps. Reservation is recommended by phone: 26 672 124.

Please note that photography and video will be taken during the event. The footage will be used for publicity on the Liepāja Museum of Interiors website and social media accounts.

Information prepared by

Ilze Skangale,
Head of the Liepāja 17th–19th Century Interior Museum
“Madame Hoyer’s Guest House”
Mob. phone: +371 29 570 855