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Liepāja is a true paradox city, you can find opposites at every step here – vivid contrast is the strongest feature of our city. But as you already know – you can’t explain Liepāja – you just have to feel it!

The city has its own inviting charm and windy aura that calls to enjoy, feel, create and avails your spirit to rise above the routine. The environment and mentality of Liepāja allows to tidy up your mind, grow up and come to new thoughts and ideas.

The symbol of the cultural life of Liepāja is the concert hall “Great amber”, a jewel in the crown of Liepāja, Kurzeme region and entire Latvia and Baltics. Thanks to the concert hall, Liepāja has got a new and shining feature in the shape of the city and both local residents and city guest have now the opportunity to enjoy a myriad of emotional moments and reflections, for the worldly grasp in Liepāja is much closer than elsewhere.

You will enjoy the hospitality of Liepāja in both the five-star apartments on the banks of the Promenade or in a modern art hotel, on in classical business-style and special design accommodation.

Liepāja cafes and restaurants will take care of your gourmet meal, delivering it anywhere within the city.

Choose and create your perfect holiday route:

Come in! See it yourself. Feel it yourself. Slip away. And fall in love, of course. Come in! And you won’t forget it anymore. You won’t forget Liepāja.