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Liepāja is a true paradox city, you can find opposites at every step here – vivid contrast is the strongest feature of our city. But as you already know – you can’t explain Liepāja – you just have to feel it!

Break out of your daily routine, look at things from the different perspective, charge, experiment, and create something new:

  • The peculiar nature of the city centre – experience the romantic wooden architecture, the majestic and extraordinary Art Nouveau stone buildings, the architectural masterpieces of the city’s chief architect, Paul Max Bertschy. Ancient and the modern, separately and all in one place.
  • The charms of the Old Town – take a leisurely stroll around the small and cosy back streets of the historic resort town and experience the beauty of the city parks and squares.
  • The beach breath – sailboats off shore, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, snow-white sandy beaches and refreshing swims in the sea.
  • The Port City Promenade – only with a view to the ships! A great place for a calm walk during the day and a busy night life in the evening hours.
  • The scent of pines – walks, picnics, cycling, activity in the playground, evening jogging or yoga – in the Seaside Park and in the Beberliņi.
  • Karosta, a place where the magical heritage full of historical background is combined with the wild nature austerity touch.

And after you have had a full recharge of fresh air, indulge in the comfort offered by Liepāja hospitality at one of the Liepāja accommodation places.

Whereas Liepāja cafes and restaurants will take care of your gourmet meal, delivering it anywhere within the city.

Get to know the city of paradoxes and opposites. Enjoy a great and surprising holiday in the windy city. See and feel yourself! Plan your destination Liepāja!