Izmantojot šo lapu, jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanai. Sīkdatnes palīdz uzlabot pakalpojumu kvalitāti. Uzzināt vairāk

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Even though today we are stuck with traveling options reduced only to that of trips within the country, we still encourage everyone to keep up the mood and finally explore the opportunity of finding out more about our local beauty.

And, when doing so, definitely come to us, visit South-West Kurzeme region. Explore the walking trails discovering the tiniest greenness; know the art of Liepāja, its architecture, having an excellent tasty meal break after all the good adventures. We guarantee you lots of positive feelings and pleasant fatigue!

1. Walking trails

Zirgu Island Nature Trail
A 4 km long, wide and a good quality wooden boardwalk through the lake reeds to the two viewing platforms and the bird watching tower, which opens a great view to the lake and its surroundings. The newly constructed Horse Island running path can accommodate not only cyclists and roller skaters in the no-snow time, but also distance skiers in winter. 1.2 km long, well-equipped trail is surrounded by the beauty of the wild nature of the Horse Island.

Beberliņi recreational park
Recreation Park Beberliņi traditionally been a favourite place for a cold-water training in the icy water pit for winter swimming enthusiasts, but if winter swimming is not your fun, then put on skates and let’s go skating at the lake rink in the open air! Whereas those who like more relaxing stay can enjoy walks in the fresh pine air right around the lake.

Nature Park “Bernāti”
Themed trails, wooden and stone sculptures, a boat-shaped observation tower and a viewing platform by the sea – all this will be a new discovery for those who have not visited Bernāti for a while.
And, do not forget to taste the delicious quark ball donuts at the local café “Dzintariņš”!

A little further in the direction of Jūrmalciems rises the highest dune in Latvia – 37 m high Hill Pūsēnu, climbing on top of which you can see the Baltic See through the canopy of pine trees.

Dunika Swamp Trail
Do you miss the sound of silence? Dunika bog will become the very same place to listen and feel the serenity of nature and observe the unparalleled scenery!

The walking trail is an excellent place for both walking and learning about history. The 3 km long trail connects several monuments of the Grobiņa archaeological ensemble, included in the UNESCO Latvian heritage list, such as the ruins of a medieval castle with bastions, Skābaržu Hill and the Priediena ancient settlement.

2. If ordinary walks are already part of your daily routine, Liepāja offers you a new and interactive open-air activity – the orienteering ground. You are free to choose the best optional route location:

Orienteering ground in the Seaside Park
Orienteering ground in the Centre of Liepāja
Orienteering ground in Karosta
Orienteering ground in Beberliņi

3. Strolling through the city, its small and inviting side streets will open you the unique architecture with splendid Art Nouveau buildings and old wooden houses.

The particular Liepāja environment and mentality enables you to recharge you mind and spirit, move on and come up with the new thoughts and ideas. Get some fresh air in Karosta, walk along the edge of the sea or a lake bank. “Cool down”, look at things from the different perspective, refill, experiment and create something new. Check out the most popular sightseeing places here.

4. Learn about the expositions in Liepāja Museum remotely
Adapting to the uncommon situation, a new museum teaching lesson has been created at the Liepāja Museum, which allows students to look at the favourite interactive exhibition that brings to life the tough lives of locals in South Kurzeme in the 19th century.

5. Enjoy the broad offer of several Liepāja restaurants and cafes by ordering take-away or delivery meals!

Sushi for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and burger for a dinner? Why not?
List of restaurants and cafés, offering takeaway or delivery meals are available here.