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According to data of Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) in 2019, 105 325 tourists have stayed overnight in Liepāja, which is 6.14% more than in 2018. The number of Latvian guests has increased by 0.86%, while the number of foreign tourists – by 16.40%. The total number of nights spent in Liepāja’s accommodation increased by 10.51% in 2019 and reached 173 033 overnights. Latvian tourists stayed by 4.12% more nights than a year earlier, while foreign tourists – by 19.65% more nights. However, as the new hotels started to welcome guests in the middle of the year and CSB adds new respondents only at the beginning of the year, the real total number of overnight stays and overnight tourists is several thousand higher.

The highest accommodation capacity utilization according to CSB data in Liepāja were in July and August, when bed occupancy was on average 60.56% (+0.93 percentage points compared to 2018) and 67.78% (+8.37 percentage points). The annual average room occupancy of Liepāja accommodation in 2019 was 47.35% (+7.47 percentage points), while the bed occupancy was 38.26% (+5.49 percentage points). In comparison, the average bed occupancy in Latvia was 44.58%, while in the capital Riga – 54.82%. The average duration of the stay at Liepāja accommodation was 1.65 nights.

When analysing the data of the CSB by quarter, it appears that the total number of nights and the number of nights spent in accommodation was higher than last year, but in the third quarter Latvian tourists were visiting city slightly less, which could be explained by the cool summer and the travel habits of local tourists – the choice to make shortly before travelling.
In the third quarter, the duration of Latvian tourists’ stays has also decreased, while the duration of foreign tourists has increased in all quarters. Local tourists have spent an average of 1.45 nights in Liepāja last year, while foreign tourists – 1.96 nights.

Leading the TOP of incoming tourist countries are still Lithuania (12.67% of all overnight tourists, an increase compared to 2018 +7.74%), Germany (5.13%, +37.07%), Russia (3.72%, +29.14%) and Estonia (2.19%, +17.20%) followed by Belarus, Poland, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In total, there were guests from 98 world countries in Liepāja in 2019 (82 in 2018), 30 of which had at least 100 tourists had arrived.

According to Liepāja airport data last year, 13 816 passengers received service at Liepāja airport, which is 48.23% more than last year. Flights were restored in mid-May 2017 with three times per week from Riga to Liepāja and back. Flights are currently offered four times per week, but in summer, the number will increase to six flights per week.

According to Liepāja Yacht Port data, 367 yachts were accommodated at Liepāja Port in 2019, up 2.23% compared to a year earlier. Most times, they represented Germany (115), Poland (75), Lithuania (57), Sweden (33) and Finland (32).

In 2019, the Liepaja Region Tourism Information Office (LRTIO) welcomed 22 751 visitors, which is 11.49% more than in 2018. The number of Latvian tourists has increased by 4.17% (3398 tourists, 15% of the total number of visitors). The number of foreign tourists in the LRTIO increased by 13.11% (48% of total visitors).

The number of local residents welcomed in the tourism information office increased by 12.58%. Most general cases they visited LRTIO to buy the Liepāja gift card, which was also a very popular gift in 2019.
It has come to no exception in the last year that the most visitors of the LRTIO visited the office in summer. The most active months of the year were July and August, with 44.6% of total annual visitors.

The total number of foreign tourists welcomed by the LRTIO in 2019 was 10860. Primarily those were tourists from Lithuania (38.9% of the total number of foreign tourists, an increase compared to 2018, +12.5%), Germany (22.3%; +34%) and Russia (6.3%; +7.5%). In 2019, countries such as Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Belarus, the Netherlands, the United States and Estonia are also on the top of the most popular incoming tourists’ countries. In total, in 2019, tourists from 61 countries worldwide visited the LRTIO (63 countries in 2018).

In 2019, the LRTIO had received 103 applications for the guided city tours 2 398 Liepāja guests took part in these tours.
Guided tour “Let’s meet at the Roses Square!”, which is offered daily in June, July and August, was attended by 425 people, while 129 tourists took part in Sunday’s organized guided walks, which take place from September to May. Guests from other cities of Latvia, Lithuania and Russia have made the most use of this offer.

The statistics in PDF format can be found here.

Information prepared by

Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office
Tourism development specialist
Agita Vucena
Ph.: 634 80808