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We believe you have missed us as much as we have missed you. Therefore, keeping the responsible holiday planning in mind, the city of Liepāja has provided for a variety of holiday opportunities.

Liepāja is the best place for a family holiday – enjoy the unforgettable Liepāja beach with the whitest sand in the world, enjoy refreshing swimming, ride bicycles on more than 50 km of cycling roads, have a breath of fresh air in Karosta, harvest energy from Liepāja nature: Liepāja Lake, recreational parks, playgrounds, romantic walks around the town! There is also a broad offer of delicious meals in any of the beach cafes on the very seashore or in the city’s restaurants.

The sea within arm reach, a peaceful holiday for the whole family, a safe and suitable environment for children, a beautiful nature and blazing sunsets – all that attracts to Liepāja. A unique atmosphere is hiding amidst Liepāja’s small and cosy streets, decorated by magnificent architecture – both the buildings built in the Art Nouveau style and the wooden houses.


Please remember to plan your Liepāja holiday responsibly and keep in mind all the health safety restrictions imposed in the country.

For more information about additional services, and any detailed information please contact Liepāja Regional Tourism Information Office desk officers, we are located at Rožu Square 5/6, or by calling +37163480808 or by e-mail info@liepaja.travel