Izmantojot šo lapu, jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanai. Sīkdatnes palīdz uzlabot pakalpojumu kvalitāti. Uzzināt vairāk

Liepāja and its surroundings are full of exciting adventures.

The “Great Amber” concert hall
Internationally recognized architectural pearl – the “Great Amber concert hall offers 1h educational tour for school children, as well as “Musical tours”, where participants will be accompanied by an expert guide to not only get to know the concert hall building but also enjoy a small concert on the big stage of the Great Hall, performed by the musicians of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra.
“Musical tour” price: €7.00 for adults, €5.00 for school children.
Tour price: €2.50 for adults, €1.50 for school children.
+371 634 24555

Science and Education Innovation Centre ZIIC
Reveal science in a tangible and visible way at the Science and Education Innovation Centre (ZIIC). The ZIIC branch at Autoru Street 4/6 offers more than 30 interactive items as well as the latest generation of educational technologies to be learned through practical STEM and IT activities. In addition, the ZIIC branch at the Zirgu sala 2 island welcomes to explore environmental science – biology, ecology, zoology and other fields of natural science. With pre-application, the Centre is open to all interested parties, and particularly welcomes school groups and families with children.
+371 25728867

Craftsmen quarters
16 different applied-art artists, craftsmen and artisans from all around Kurzeme in one place offer an exciting insight in their crafts and arts, and are happy to welcome guests to show their skills and traditions. There is an opportunity to see the process of weaving a national costume, creating candles, designing metal ware, ceramics, amber and leather products. In the Craftsmen house you will also see the longest amber beads in Latvia. It is 123 m long and 19.5 kilo heavy item, with circa 17,000 amber pieces, presented by local residents of the town to this purpose. There are also both, more than 100 years old and recently made national costumes. You have an opportunity to apply for various workshops.
+371 26541424

Orienteering ground
The orienteering ground, opened in summer of 2020 is located in the Beberliņi woods and has 27 stationary checkpoints, available any season. The orienteering starts on the lake Beberliņi beach. It is possible to mark your results with the “Qrenteerings” mobile application and compare it to your friends.
+371 29199411

“Mysteries of the Old Fish House”
The educational adventure “Mysteries of the Old Fish House” allows school children to get to know the cultural phenomena of fish sorting in the way, kids would definitely enjoy and understand. Historically, fish was brought in from all across Europe and sorted into three grades — crown, reject and double reject fish, and the sorted barrels were then exported further. An hour-long adventurous tour is a great opportunity to learn in a creative way under the guiding of the experienced teacher.
Price: EUR 5,00, free of charge for the accompanying person (teacher).
Location: Zivju Street 2A, Liepāja, 17th century building
+371 20232005

Adventures in Karosta
Karosta is a part of Liepāja, yet at the same time it is just like the parallel world within. This place has unique blueprint not only in Latvian history, but also in the World’s history – one of the most exceptional places in the country. We offer guided tours in Karosta Prison and museum, the Northern Forts, Water Supply Tower, Freedom Struggle sites. Other activities include the show “Behind Bars”, accommodation and extreme night in prison, Spy game “Escape from USSR”, orienteering with a bicycle and The Freedom Trail. Everything can happen here…
+371 26369470

Take a look behind the theatre stage!
Look at the theatrical backstage! Liepāja Theatre continues the offer to look behind the public theatre space and discover yet unknown secrets on the other side of the stage curtain. To discover the secrets and labyrinths of the theatre, please make sure you apply for the tour via phone +371 634 22121 or +37129455112. Group over 10 people €3.00 from person + teacher free.

Liepāja Museum
The museum offers introduction to Liepāja and Southern Kurzeme Region history from ancient times to 20th century, get a feel of peasant life or city buzz, enjoy the artworks and exhibitions. You are welcome to learn in a guided tour, attend various educational classes related to the museum and created for every school age. Liepāja Museum also offers an interactive exposition “Six months of the Provisional Government of Latvia in Liepāja”, revealing the complex political situation in the country at a time. See you in the Liepāja Museum!
+371 29605223

Rustic Bread bakery “Ievlejas”
The owners of “Ievlejas” will tell you about the bread baking process and let you join them baking, make dough, taste your baked bread and other yummies with the cup of tea and play games with some fairy-tale character. You can take a look at the ancient working tools storage while waiting for your rustic bred to be baked.
Bread baking + tasting (1,5 h): Fees per person kids up to 10 y/o €4,00, for kids from 11y/o €8.00, for groups over 12 people – €7.00
Story telling + tasting (0,5 h): €3 per person
Pāvilosta municipality, Saka civil parish, +371 29124128

Cīrava forest park
In the Cīrava forest park, walk a “Beaver’s Trail” with active recreational elements – a cable bridge, climbing walls, etc., and a “Sound’s Trail” with 5 sound-generating environmental arts objects, or choose a team-building and competing spirit hike with fancy hosts. Preferred group size – 10-30 pers. At the end of the hike, there will be an opportunity to enjoy tea or soup at the bonfire (1,50-2,50 euros from a team member).
Aizpute county municipality, Cīrava, +371 25435898

Kazdanga Manor park
Kazdanga Manor park offers guided tours, creative workshops and educational games for different age groups. There are several equipped lounges where you can arrange a creative workshop called “Burn your pancakes.” The park area has a 190-meter-long pedestrian pontoon dock across the Dzirnezers Lake with an observation tower in its middle. There are several more different distance walking trails in the park.
Aizpute county municipality, Kazdanga +371 29103813

Durbe Lake
Informative and educational exposition about Durbe Lake from the ice age to the modern days. You will see fish replicas present in the lake, interactive expositions about the formation of the lake, historical evidence and factors of eutrophication. The best way to explore the Durbe Lake is from the viewing tower that has been set up in the western side of the lake.
Skolas Street 3, Durbe
+371 29164833

Rucava county municipality
The owners of the ethnographic house “Zvanītāji” offer an excellent opportunity to discover the cultural heritage and traditions of the Rucava county – to look at the contents of the dowry chest, to listen to the songs of the locals and to taste local dishes.
+371 26814051
If you want to bake a local rustic bread yourself, the farm “Alejas” welcomes you!
+371 29383994
Should you wish to explore the old tools and household items, visit the “Bajāru rija”, whereas from the new viewing platform on the Muižas Hill you will have a great view to the ancient Sventāja river valley.
Rucava county municipality, Rucava
+371 29134903

Embūte ancient valley
Embūte valley is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kurzeme, waddled by stories and legends. A 2,5 km-long nature trail with a view tower has been set up through the valley. In this nature park, you will see stylized Curonian Swords, The Indulis Hillock, Joda foot stone, and other exciting places. In the Embūte tourism information centre exhibition room you can see models of the terrain of the nature park and various exhibitions. In the Joda hollow valley there is a picnic area, where you can cook soup, and play sports games, having your team time. Guided service are available on donations.
Vaiņode county municipality, Embūte civil parish, +371 26632134

Get to know the herbs along with the home producer SIA “Mija Ltd”!
Get to know the herbs together with the home Producer SIA “Mija, Ltd” and the Embūte tourism information centre! The season’s special herb offering “Leišmalīte’s Taste.”
– farm narrative, production process and plants
– tasks and games about plants and herbs
– tasting vegetables and herbs
– awarding the winners
Class duration – 1-1.5 h
Price – 3,50 euros per person
Vaiņode county municipality, Embūte civil parish
+371 26632134

Dunika Swamp Trail
A wooden dock trail extends across the Dunika swamp trail, which is one of the longest in Europe. Here you can enjoy the unusual silence that always prevails in bogs, as well as the primordial landscape, a swamp with water holes, mini-lakes and islets. To learn more about the bog environment, please use the guided service.
+371 26335266.
At the end of the hike, you can enjoy soup from the big pot in the open.
+371 20028776
Rucava county municipality, Dunika civil parish

Rediscover Grobiņa!
Listen to the Speaking Stones on the promenade, which overlooks the Grobiņa castle hill, or go for a walk along the new path, which runs 3 km along the banks of the River Ālande.
+371 22024940
Whereas in the Active Tourism Centre “Curonian Viking settlement” you will get a chance to explore the life of Curonian Vikings, test your agility skills in a Vikings way, learn the legends, and have a good time in your friends’ company.
Pīlādžu Street 3, Grobiņa,
+371 26661194

Pāvilosta county local history museum
The Pāvilosta local history museum offers not only to look at the permanent exhibitions, but also to participate in activities and to learn how to tie sailor knots and how to patch fishing nets. 3D glasses make it possible to interact as an angler, to catch a fish with drift nets and trawl in the Saka River and the Baltic Sea.
Museum visit: €0.50 for school children, €1.50 for students, €2.00 for adults. Guide services in the museum – €3.50.
Dzintaru Street 1, Pāvilosta +371 29226273

Kalēti Forest Park “Priediens”
Learn the diversity of wood plants in the Kalēti forest park “Priediens”! Walk the park with the Bear and learn creatively in the “Natura Class”! Price for one person – EUR 1.50, +371 26423893

“Dwarf buzz in the Fairy woods” welcomes you to find out a variety of secrets, creative and sportive activities, and to go for a treasure search. Suitable for pre-school of elementary school classes. Group fee: EUR 150,00. The possibility to purchase a “forest soup” for additional price.
+371 26260526
Priekule county municipality

Bernāti Nature Park
The Nature Park of Bernāti has a number of walking paths with a variety of environmental objects. Here you can also see the “Green beam” mark, indicating that this is the far west cape of the country. You will learn how the national dress of Nīca county got its colours, and climb up the highest sand dune in Latvia – the Pūsens.
The dune overlooks the sea through the tops of the pine trees and is a great place to rest, breathe the pine forest air and learn something new!
Nīca county
+371 29458532