Izmantojot šo lapu, jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanai. Sīkdatnes palīdz uzlabot pakalpojumu kvalitāti. Uzzināt vairāk

Do you know one of the most typical stereotypes about the people of Liepaja? “Proud like a Liepāja native”. And we do have something to be proud of, especially these days when we have won the title of the European Capital of Culture 2027.

But without pride, we are also hospitable, responsive, creative and well aware of our business.

You can recognize him by his face. The sun beams on his one cheek. He turns the other one. There blows the wind.
So, turn/ it as you will – it’s all written on the Liepaja man’s face.

He lifts his head higher and straightens his neck. Proud of who he is. Proud of where he comes from. And you see much further when standing. over all. You better control the field. You better know your stuff. A Liepāja man knows what matters.

A head held high is easily noticed. Also, from a distance. Like a lighthouse in the waves. It lights the way. That is why people from all over Latvia get here.
Somehow, they. are attracted to it. And also become as alighthouses. They become part of Liepāja.

Proud like a Liepāja native.