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This September marks the third return of Liepāja Restaurant Week. All week long 25 restaurants and cafes in Liepāja will welcome their guests with specially selected meals.

Restaurant Week’s offer will consist of three meals – appetizers, main course and dessert. Special price offer will range from 11 to 20 euros. This year yet again restaurants and cafes prepared some sophisticated menus, different from regular taste preferences, thus offering exclusive approach.

We are pleased to invite all locals and city guests to use this opportunity and taste an exquisite offer from Liepāja cafes and restaurants. Following restaurants will offer their special menus within the Restaurant Week:

  1. Restaurant “MO Liepāja” – Menu
  2. Restaurant “Piano” –Menu
  3. Restaurant “Roma” – Menu
  4. Restaurant “Upe” – Menu
  5. Restaurant “Čello”Menu
  6. Restaurant “Libava”Menu
  7. Restaurant “Oskars”Menu
  8. Restaurant “Portus” – Menu
  9. Restaurant-bar “Hot Potato” – Menu
  10. Restaurant “Palmas” – Menu
  11. Restaurants “Maestro Design Hotel & Restaurant” Menu
  12. Restaurant “Tex–Mex Liepāja”Menu
  13. Restaurant “Pastnieka Māja” – Menu
  14. Restaurant “BIG7”Menu
  15. Restaurant “Red Sun Buffet” – Menu
  16. Cafe  “Darbnīca” – Menu
  17. Beach Cafe  “Red Sun Buffet Beach Bar”Menu
  18. Beach Cafe “7. līnija” – Menu
  19. Cafe “BB Café” Menu
  20. Cafe “Krisdole”Menu
  21. Cafe “Vecliepāja” – Menu
  22. Pizzeria “Amber pizza” Menu
  23. Pizzeria “Strike Pizza”  – Menu
  24. Grill bar “Bruno”Menu
  25. Burger Bar “Street Burgers”Menu

All Menus in one pdf file

At the end of Liepāja Restaurant Week, from September 27 to 29, all local residents and city guests are welcome to attend Liepāja Art Forum at the concert hall “The Great Amber”. This year the festival celebrates its fifth anniversary, thus offering an extra saturated and colourful program. It extends an invitation to a visitor – to engage in a dialogue through 10 different genre and expression language of art. A dialogue through dance, music, visual art, theatre, opera and cinema.  This year, the Art Forum will take a reflection on modern and contemporary art spotlights in Europe and the world, featuring artists from the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.