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If ordinary walks are already a daily routine, Liepāja offers you a new and interactive activity in nature – orienteering.

The most popular Liepāja tourist sites, the vast seaside park, the beautiful pine forest, the coastal dunes, the robust landscape and military objects of the Karosta residential district can now be explored and discovered in a fascinating and attractive way – by challenging yourself and the family in one of the orienteering grounds of Liepāja.

The orienteering routes are of different lengths and complexity. They are either perfect for longer strolls or more active hiking activities. Add to your regular walk a bit of the competition spirit, while performing the tasks during the distance, by finding the checkpoints in a specified order.

Choose your preferred route try all of them:

Review and download maps, as well as maintain the spirit of competition by using the Qrenteering mobile application (GooglePlay or AppStore) to record the time spent on the route and compare it with others.