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Liepāja has an extensive public transportation system. Liepāja has a tram line, buses and even minibuses on certain routes.

Routes and stops can be viewed on the map of routes and timetables. It is also possible to follow the movement of specific buses and trams in real-time, by clicking the icon with a red and blue circle in the top right corner of the map.

Ticket pricing

  • 0,90 EUR – one-way ticket purchased in advance;
  • 1,50 EUR – one-way ticket purchased from the driver;
  • 8,50 EUR – a set of ten tickets, purchased in advance;
  • 3 EUR – day ticket, purchased in advance, active from the moment of validating till 24:00;
  • 6 EUR – three-day ticket, purchased in advance, valid from the day of purchase till the third day 24:00*;
  • 9 EUR – five-day ticket, when purchased in advance, valid from the day of purchase till the fifth day 24:00*;
  • Children under the age of 6 do not need to buy a ticket.

The list of ticket offices is available here.

*Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office does not offer three-day and five-day tickets.

For information on Liepāja’s public transportation, timetables, available discounts and ticket outlets, visit

Plan a trip by using “Google Maps”.

Taxi services

Atradums M, +371 63 444 444

Baltic Taxi, +371 20 008 500

Kurzemes Taxi,  +371 63 422 222

TAXI Liepāja, +371 20 080 012

Taxi Vārtāja, +371 63 488 888

Livonija TAXI, +371 29 555 556

Līvu Vikings, +371 63 466 666

Taxi (7 places), +371 27 604 040, +371 24 666 766

Bolt Taxi, get Your app here