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Orienteering ground in Beberliņi

Orienteering ground in Beberliņi

The orienteering ground is located near Beberliņi Lake with a diverse l...
Sailboat or fishing boat ride to the sea

Sailboat or fishing boat ride to the sea

Sailboat ride to the sea A sailboat ride is available every day, at an...
Prūšu Reservoir

Prūšu Reservoir

Comfortable resting place with a bonfire, grill, tables, chairs and a s...
Recreation in Pape

Recreation in Pape

Rent of tourism equipment for the whole year-round fun. Bikes for adult...
Embūte Nature Park

Embūte Nature Park

One of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kurzeme, a land of t...
High Ropes course  Cietais rieksts  /  The Hard Nut

High Ropes course "Cietais rieksts" / "The Hard Nut"

A chance to challenge yourself on courses of different height and diffi...
Laser Tag Game  Plan B

Laser Tag Game "Plan B"

The analogue of Paintball, Laser Tag is a high-tech game, which aims to...
Picnic boats in Bārta River

Picnic boats in Bārta River

Rides with the picnic boat "Matilde" and "Elita" on the Bārta River. Ea...
Horseback rides  Stiebriņi

Horseback rides "Stiebriņi"

Riding on horseback and on pony or in a horse cart for competition alon...