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Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office (LRTIO) has gathered statistics on the city’s tourism development in 2021.

The statistics in PDF format can be found here.

According to the information gathered by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), in 2021, the number of Latvian guests increased by 6.4%, while the number of foreign tourists decreased by 43.8%. In total 79 195 tourists have stayed overnight in Liepāja, which is 9.1% less than in 2020.

The average duration of the stay at Liepāja accommodations was 1.74 nights, which is 0.1 nights more than the year before. The total number of nights spent in Liepāja accommodations decreased by 4.3% in 2021 and reached 137 544 nights. 


The annual average room occupancy of Liepāja accommodations in 2021 was 32.1% (-1.6 percentage points), while the bed occupancy was 24.1% (-1.6 percentage points). The highest accommodation capacity utilization according to CSB data in Liepāja was in July, when room occupancy was on average 67.3% and bed occupancy 53.5%. 

Lithuanian guests were still holding leading positions in the past year (37.8% of all foreign overnight tourists, a decrease compared to 2020 -63.6%).  Germany has returned to the second place (11.1%, -16,6%), followed by the other neighbouring country, Estonia (6.8%, -59.8%), Poland (5.7%, +41.3%), Russia (5%, -9.9%), Denmark (3.7%, +25.8%), Great Britain (2.5%, +51.4%) and Italy (2.1%, +24.1%). In total, there were guests from 82 countries in 2021 (84 in 2020), 21 of which had at least 100 tourists arrived.

According to Liepāja Yacht Port data, 174 yachts from 13 countries were accommodated at Liepāja Port in 2021. Most times, they represented Germany (53), Lithuania (38), Poland (33), Latvia (12) and Finland (9). The most distant guests came from the Island of Dominica.

The total number of foreign tourists welcomed by the LRTIO in 2021 was 7 160, which is 47% less than the year before. Visitors from Lithuania, Germany, Poland, France, Estonia and Great Britain searched for information most often. In total, tourists from 40 countries worldwide visited the LRTIO in 2021.

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