Izmantojot šo lapu, jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanai. Sīkdatnes palīdz uzlabot pakalpojumu kvalitāti. Uzzināt vairāk

The city’s streets and architecture create a charming atmosphere at any time of year.

Nature, which is so close to the city, allows us to go for walks on nature trails, parks and breath in a good dose of fresh air.

The wide Liepāja beach is also an excellent place for walks in all seasons – fresh sea air, the smell of pines and the Liepāja wind allows you to relax and prepare for new challenges!

Prepare yourself for long walks with a good meal!

It is still possible to enjoy delicious and lovingly prepared meals from Liepāja restaurants and cafes! Take a break from cooking and pamper your taste buds with something new. Order a meal to-go or with delivery.