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Looking for the best getaway in the city? Check out some of Liepāja’s cultural spots! There are several great places in Liepāja to have a good time, enjoy positive emotions and relax from the daily race.

A place of culture and entertainment with its own history, creativity and attractiveness – “Pegaza Pagalms”. Concerts and music events.

Culture House “Wiktorija”
Events and concerts. Also a great space for various creative group rehearsals and audio recordings.

Cultural space “Atmodas Dārzs” – a venue for concerts and events with a good atmosphere, a relaxing and artistic environment, a spacious garden and a cafe.

You will find a somewhat mysterious atmosphere in the cultural place “Kursas putni”. Liepāja’s sharpest minds meet here for regular erudition competitions. Live music performances.

Julianna’s Courtyard – thanks to several new entrepreneurs, these historical manufacturing buildings, where the Keten printing house, sandal factory and a sewing workshop were once located, have now become an attractive example of industrial architecture and lofts. The surrounding buildings presently house a restaurant, gastropubs  , a beer cellar and other creative businesses.

53 Liepaja Old Port – Events & happenings, food & drinks, creative atmosphere, unforgettable emotions and the best summer memories! Here you can enjoy great fish and seafood dishes and brewed beer from “Puta” brewery.

“Fontaine Palace” needs no further explanation – it is a legendary place to enjoy live music on weekends.

Dance at the “Cukurfabrik”. Real nightclub atmosphere on holiday evenings.

On weekends a party atmosphere is guaranteed at the nightclub “Big 7”.

Clubhouse “Kursa”, opened in the late 1960s, occasionally opens its doors for concerts, parties and discos.

Fontaine GypsyCamp

Live music nights

Café “Valhalla Wine & Coffee”

Restaurant “Pastnieka māja”

Restaurant “Parka paviljons”

Summer, cocktails and dancing until dawn await all beach lovers

Beach café “7. līnija”

Beach bar/café “Red Sun Buffet Beach Bar”

Liepāja Beach Cafe

Beach bar “Cukurfabrik'”

Beach café “Mermaid Liepāja”