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Southern Kurzeme region is rich in cultural and historical heritage, folk tales, manors, parks and nature trails. Choose your itinerary for holidays, weekends or vacations and harvest inspiring moments and memories.

The Trail of Traditions
Bernāti – Nīca – Rucava – Pape

The trip begins at Bernāti Nature Park, on its walking trails, recreation and picnic sites.
Did you know that there is one of the largest windmills in Latvia located in the Otaņķi county? Meet wild herbivores at Pape Nature Park, enjoy a beauty of the dendrological garden with exotic trees and a lounge with a viewing platform from which you may even observe the territory if the neighbouring Lithuania.
Enjoy a relaxed meal on café terraces or cook it yourself at indicated well-equipped picnic sites.

The Amber Trail
Saraiķi – Ziemupe – Vērgale – Pāvilosta

Gaze into horizon from the high bluffs, feel the mightiness of 37-metre-high lighthouse, which has once signalled the most dangerous navigation point off the coast of the Baltic Sea. Find peace and serenity in the Garden of the Soul Relieve. Get to know wild plants, taste real country bread, smoked fish. Lunch on the seashore. Treat yourself with marine bijou, glide down the surface of the water on the SUP board, sail and catch fish.
Don’t forget to refresh yourself with a satisfying meal in Ziemupe or Pāvilosta.

The Trail of Secrets – “Leišmalīte” Borderland
Bārta – Priekule – Vaiņode – Embūte

A walk down the wooden footbridge path in the Dunika bog at sunrise, a silent tribute to the majestic history of the largest burial sites of soldiers in World War II in the Baltic, the love story of Indulis and Ārija, the roots of ancient Curonian settlement, the mouthful of water from the Lielbāta Spring. We highly recommend you to stop and look at the Gramzda Ev. Lutheran Church, which is an example of the power of people’s love, being restored after multiple demolitions and arson. Don’t forget to grab a deli snack and refreshing drinks in the cafes on the route.

The Viking Trail
Grobiņa – Durbe – Kalvene

There is a spoiler in the name of the trail and rest assured the secrets of the history of real Vikings will be revealed. Set your foot on the Ālande Trail and start your trip at the ruins of the Grobiņa castle, finishing by the Fundamental Pillar – a huge wooden pile, carved with the ancient Latvian pagan symbols. And on your way to the Rīga Zoo Branch in “Cīruļi” take a detour to visit the Lake Durbe. From its observation tower you will get a beautiful view over the lake and the diversity of birds populating the area.

The Trail of Manors
Tāši – Apriķi – Aizpute – Kazdanga

Baroque-style estates and Baron’s Manor, parks and ancient towns and settlements. Kilometres of walks and hikes. Gourmet pleasure and rural goodies. Winery and delicacy treats. You will get to experience everything along this trail too.

Plan a route for one day, weekend or vacation, travel with a tent or choose the most comfortable accommodation. For more exciting and interesting offers along the Tradition, Amber, Secrets, Vikings and Manor Trails, please visit our website or stop by the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Centre at the Rose Square 5/6 and we’ll help you plan your trip around the municipalities close to Liepāja.