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In 2023, accommodations in Liepāja served 112,714 guests, marking the city’s highest figure in the history of lodging data collection, according to information compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). In 2023, Liepāja hosted 112,714 tourists, a 9.7% increase from 2022 and 7% more than before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. The number of Latvian guests increased by 13.1%, while the number of foreign tourists rose by 3.7%. The total number of nights spent in Liepāja’s accommodations in 2023 increased by 9.1% to 196,538 nights. The average stay in Liepāja’s accommodations was 1.74 nights.

The average occupancy rate of rooms in Liepāja’s accommodations in 2023 was 39.2%, and the bed occupancy rate was 32.1%. The highest occupancy in Liepāja was in July, when, on average, 63% of guest rooms and 64.1% of bed spaces were filled.

Analyzing the data by month, the largest increase in overnight stays occurred in February and May of the previous year, with a 61.1% and 44.7% increase in guests served compared to the year before, respectively.

The top 5 foreign tourist sources in Liepāja’s accommodations remained the same as in 2022. The majority of overnight guests came from Lithuania (17,698; 45.7% of all foreign overnight guests; an increase of 7.7% compared to 2022). Lithuania was followed by Germany (4,454; 11.5%, +9%), Estonia (2,716; 7%, +11%), Denmark (1,680; 4.3%; +22.6%), and Poland (1,386; 3.6%, +13%). Finland climbed to sixth place (1,096; 2.8%; +38.9%), followed by the United Kingdom (1,036; 2.7%; +1.2%) and the USA (874; 2.3%; -21.9%). In total, in 2023, guests from 100 countries worldwide stayed in Liepāja (103 countries in 2022), including 27 countries from which at least 100 tourists arrived.

In 2023, the yacht harbour “Liepaja Marina” served 228 yachts from 15 countries – most from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Meanwhile, the port welcomed two cruise ships, bringing 1,725 passengers.

The Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office served 17,357 visitors in person last year, a 27.3% increase from 2022. The number of Latvian tourists increased by 18.5% (3,160 tourists, 18.2% of the total visitor count). The number of foreign tourists increased by 43.4% (7,492 tourists, 43.4% of the total visitor count). Guests most often sought information from Lithuania, Germany, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, and the USA. In total, the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office served tourists from 58 countries worldwide in 2023.