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The snow has melted and you can already feel the spring in the air. The days are getting longer and the weather warmer – the perfect time for adventures outdoors!

Nature parks, walking trails, amazing seaside sceneries, dunes, and wild horses – there is something to see here:

Rīga Zoo branch “Cīruļi”
Ģirts Brumsons’ Park of Art
Cīrava Forest Park
Aizvīķi Park
Gramzda forest park with an open-air cinema
Kalēti Forest Park “Priediens”
Rucava arboretum
Pape Lighthouse
Pastures of wild horses and aurochs in Nature Park “Pape”
Dunika Swamp Trail
Mini Zoo “Atomi”
A walk along Pāvilostas Promenade 
Camping “Ziemupes jūrmalas stāvlaukums”
Hiking in Grobiņa

! Remember about the safety precautions when planning your holiday.