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The sea at arm’s length, a safe and suitable environment for children, beautiful nature and stunning sunsets – all this just beckons you to Liepāja.

Liepāja and its surroundings are full of exciting adventures.

Liepāja interior museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest House”

We welcome you to discover the historical Madame Hoyer’s Guest House, learn previously unknown facts and get to know more about the unique interior items from the 17th – 20th centuries. The Madame Hoyer’s Guest House offers educational and informative classes for schoolchildren about life in the 17th – 20th centuries and the most typical interior, household, and art items of the time, as well as the history of the Port of Liepāja and the railway. For educational activities and excursions, please register in advance.

+371 29 605 223

Concert hall “Great Amber”

The internationally renowned architectural jewel – Liepāja Concert Hall “Great Amber” offers both guided group tours, during which school students will look into the vineyard-like Great Hall and other concert and art spaces, which offer a wonderful panoramic view of the city, and music classes “From noise to piece”, which take place both in person and online and provide a great opportunity to perform with one of the orchestra’s musicians. For those who can’t visit us in person, we offer a number of concert recordings for school students that were recorded in the concert hall.

+371 63 424 555

Science and Education Innovation Centre (ZIIC)

Discover science in a tangible and visible way at the Centre for Innovation in Science and Education (ZIIC). The Centre’s branch at 4/6 Autoru Street offers more than 20 interactive exhibits as well as modern educational technologies that can be studied during practical classes in STEM and IT fields. The ZIIC (House of Nature) branch at Zirgu 2 invites you to study natural sciences and enrich your knowledge of the environment through the biology, ecology, zoology and other areas related to nature. Upon prior arrangement, the centre is open to all who wish learn more about nature, especially school groups and families with children.

Autoru iela 4/6, +371 25 728 867, ziic@liepaja.edu.lv
Zirgu sala 2, +371 26 644 834, dabasmaja@liepaja.edu.lv

LOC Pool & Spa

Where do we go on a class trip? As a great alternative to the traditional excursion tours and sightseeing, the Liepāja Olympic Centre offers class teams the opportunity to relax and have fun at the Liepāja Olympic Centre Pool and SPA complex. Plan a chill holiday any time of the year because it is always +32 degrees in the LOC Pool & SPA!

+371 29 876 501

Adventure in Karosta

Karosta is part of Liepāja, but it is also a city within a city. It is an amazing, paradoxical and unique place not only in Latvian history but also in the history of the world. Karosta is one of the most unusual sites in Latvia. To get to know Karosta better, we offer guided tours of the Prison, the Forts, the Water supply tower and the sites of the Freedom struggles. A show at Karosta Prison, the “Escape from the USSR” game at the Northern Forts. Freedom Trail or orienteering by bicycle. Meals and an overnight stay in prison. Anything is possible here…

+371 26 369 470

Adventure park “Tarzāns”

Eight obstacle routes both for children (3 routes) and adults (5 routes) including the 330 meters long slide across the whole water pit Beberliņi.

+371 27 001 187

Liepāja Theatre

Take a peek behind the scenes! Liepāja Theatre offers guided tours around the theatre rooms, which are usually hidden from the public eye, revealing secrets you have never seen.
Price 4 EUR per person +  free of charge for the teacher.

Join the online lecture “How does a play get made?” the main aim and purpose of which is to show young people, in an exciting format, that theatre is more than just an actor memorising the text of a play. The venue is the ZOOM platform.

+371 29 352 460

Liepāja Puppet Theatre

Visit the Liepāja Puppet Theatre and discover the secrets of the puppet kingdom. Learn secrets of a puppeteer’s profession, try on the role of an actor, and peek behind the scenes of a performance.

+371 26 594 529

Liepāja Museum

The Liepāja Museum educational programme offers regular classes throughout the year, as well as seasonal classes and classes focusing on specific exhibitions. Please contact us in advance to find out about current exhibitions and seasonal programmes, as well as to sign up for a class.

+371 29 605 223

The House of Craftsmen

The House of Craftsmen brings together 16 different artisans from the Kurzeme region, who are happy to explain their crafts and traditions to visitors. In the workshops, you can see how craft masters weave folk costumes on old looms, how jewellery made of metal, ceramics, leather and amber are made. Here you will also find the longest amber beads in Latvia. They are 123 metres long and weigh 19.5 kg. The beads contain 17000 pieces of amber, all donated as gifts to the Liepāja city by local residents. You can also see folk costumes and national dresses that are more than a hundred years old, as well as some quite recent ones. Workshops are also available on request.

+371 26 541 424

The historical exposition of the Latvian War Museum in Liepāja

Among the objects of Karosta, Liepāja’s coastal artillery battery No. 2, is still the most mysterious place in Liepāja.
Excursions are available in Latvian, Russian, and English. The duration of the tour is 45 to 60 minutes.

+371 25 603 875

Liepāja orienteering grounds

The Liepāja orienteering grounds can be visited at any time of the year. Choose your favourite spot – the Seaside Park, the centre of Liepāja, Karosta or Beberlini – or try them all. At each checkpoint you can mark your result with the mobile app “Qrenteerings” and compare it with your friends.

+371 20 252 282

Homemade bread “Ievlejas”

In the farm bakery ‘Ievlejas’ you can find out how bread is baked, try your hand at baking, enjoy a cup of tea and play with a character from the fairy tales. While the bread is being baked, you can get to know the old working tools.
Price: EUR 7.50 per person. Agita Petersone, master of taste.
“Ievlejas, Saka parish

+371 29 124 128

Pāvilosta Local History Museum complex

The Pāvilosta Local History Museum has 3 interactive exhibitions where you can learn about Pāvilosta, its history and the time when it was a closed zone. There are also workshops on tying knots and mending nets for school groups.
Dzintaru iela 1, Pāvilosta

+371 63 498 276
+371 29 226 273

The “Path of the Sun” sensory labyrinth and Rucava hydro meteorological observation station

The labyrinth is one of the oldest symbols of humankind, and its origins can be traced back to 3000 years ago. Walking through the labyrinth gives you the first impulse to keep searching, to find and discover yourself.
The labyrinth can be visited without prior booking. The excursion to the hydro meteorological observation station must be booked in advance by contacting the guide.
“Zvirbuļi”, Rucava parish

+371 26 830 634

Mini ZOO “Atomi”

In the mini zoo, you will learn about rural life. In this zoo, you can meet different and unusual animals – cows, sheep, silk hens, Indian galloping ducks, golden pheasants, turkeys, ducks, Indian peacocks. Ance and Cleo, a pair of African ostriches, Emils, an Australian emu, and many others lovely animals.
“Atomi”, Grīnvalti, Nīca parish

+371 25 560 040

Underestimated things museum in the landfill “Ķīvītes”

Did you know that there are things that end up in museums coming from a different sort of waste and recycle grounds? You can find old household items, as well as odd and valuable objects in them. Once taken out of the rubbish, all the items are carefully polished and preserved. Many of the items are things that only our grandmothers knew how to use.

The museum is located in the administrative building of SIA “Liepājas RAS. The exhibits are arranged in a permanent exposition and may be viewed by visitors to the company.
Entrance to the museum is free, but tours must be booked in advance.
Ķīvītes, Grobiņa parish

+371 63 459 091

Recreation Complex “Jura staļļi”

“Jura staļļi” recreation complex offers an active and informative way of spending free outdoors time. You can get to know the noblest of animals – the horse and go for a ride. The brave ones can even try out a rope ride called “Winged Horse”. After arranging with the owners in advance, you can have lunch at the cafe “In Iveta’s Kitchen” or eat your own sandwiches at the picnic area.
“Kapeļkalēji”, Robežnieki, Grobiņa parish
+371 29 359 778

Durbe Museum

The museum was established in the house where Z.A. Meierovics, the first Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, was born. Permanent and changing exhibitions tells us the lives stories of famous personalities in Durbe and historical events associated with the name of the town.
Raiņa iela 17, Durbe

+371 28 677 141

Cīrava Forest Park

There are five well-maintained hiking trails in the Forest Park of Cīrava (~85 hectares) for those who enjoy leisurely walks, hikes, stunning views of nature and more active activities. Most of the trails and paths lead along the banks of the Durbe River, opening up views of the numerous bends, beaver weirs and dams, bushes of hornbeam, birch, aspen and pine trees.

+371 28 617 307

“The Tricks of the Dwarfs in the Magic Forest”

The dwarfs invite you to explore different mysteries, get creative, play sports, and go on a treasure hunt! For older pre-school and primary schoolchildren.
“Dižozoli, Priekule parish

+371 26 260 526

Ceramics workshop “Virzas”

Try your hand at pottery, plaster moulds or just create interesting things. The class takes about 2 hours, and after good practise, you can relax around the fire and explore the nearby Paplaka countryside, including the local “Disneyland”!
“Virzas, Paplaka, Virga parish

+371 26 534 381

Embūte Nature Park

One of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kurzeme. It is especially enchanting in the autumn when you can admire the rainbow of the multi-coloured leaves. Take a guided walk along the trail and learn a lot!

+371 26 632 134

Ģirts Brumsons’ Park of Art

A nature park with a collection of rare plants, complemented by the artwork and small architectural forms by the artist Ģirts Brumsons.

Individual visits are free of charge and no prior arrangement is needed, whereas by appointment you can visit the artist’s private residence, the extraordinary landscaped garden and the artist’s studio. The tour lasts about 1 hour.
Price: EUR 2 per person (minimum 5 visitors)

+371 26 892 701