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Liepāja and its surrounding area are filled with exciting adventures for both educational school groups and families with children on a leisurely holiday.

Guided tour

Discover the stories of Liepāja’s culture and history and see the most interesting places in the city by going on a guided tour around Liepāja and Karosta. According to the group’s interests and wishes, the guide’s fascinating stories and historical secrets will make the excursion worthwhile and unforgettable.

+371 63480808, +371 29402111

Liepāja interior museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest House”

Explore Madame Hoyer’s historic house, learn untold bits of information and discover more about the unique interior items from the 17th -20th centuries. The Madame Hoyer’s Guest House offers educational and insightful classes for schoolchildren about life in the 17th -20th centuries and the most characteristic household, interior and artistic items of the time.

+371 29 605 223

Concert hall “Great Amber”

Liepāja Concert Hall “Great Amber” offers a versatile and comprehensive musical cultural programme for schoolchildren, subsidised through the “Latvian School Bag” programme. The concert hall also runs guided tours, taking schoolchildren to its vineyard-like Great Hall and other concert and art rooms with spectacular panoramic views of the city.

+371 63 424 555

Museum of Puppet Art and Design

The main exposition highlights the history of dolls, toys and household objects from the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, you have the chance to see the “Teddy Bear – From the Classics to the Avant-Garde” exhibition, which will run until 15 October. The bears featured in this exhibition are the works of contemporary artists from different countries.

+371 25 769 991

Science and Education Innovation Centre (ZIIC)

Discover science in a tangible and illustrative way at the Science and Education Innovation Centre’s locations at Autoru iela 4/6 and K.Ukstiņa iela 17/23. Practical activities include learning about educational technologies such as software-controlled robots and digital production equipment like a 3D stereolithography printer, CNC milling machine for printed circuit boards and more. You will also have the opportunity to experience a concept rarely seen in Latvia and abroad: science theatre, integrating science experiments with theatre arts.

+371 25 728 867

Nature House

Spot living creatures such as Australian weaver ants and Madagascar hissing cockroaches at the Science and Education Innovation Centre’s Nature House, on the Zirgu sala 2. Learn about environmental science through biology, ecology, and zoology-related activities. With prior appointment, the centre is open to everyone, individual visitors, and families with children.

+371 26 644 834

LOC Pool & Spa

Where to go on a class trip? As a great alternative from the regular tour options and sightseeing locations, the Liepāja Olympic Centre offers the opportunity for classes to enjoy a fun and relaxing time at LOC Pool&SPA. Plan a summer holiday at any time of the year!

+371 29 876 501

LOC Ice Hall

The LOC Ice Hall invites all those who want to enjoy ice skating in the public rink. Anyone can try their skills in ice skating and ice hockey. Visitors can come with their skates or rent them!

The working hours of the public ice rink are available here.

Adventure in Karosta

The Karosta is a part of Liepāja, but at the same time – the world itself. It is a magical, paradoxical, and unique place not only in the history of Latvia, but also in the history of the world. The Karosta is one of the most extraordinary sites in Latvia. We offer tours of the prison, Redan, and Freedom Struggle sites. Show in the Karosta prison, “Escape from the USSR” in the Northern Forts. Freedom Trail or the Mystery Island game. Meals and overnight stays in the prison. Anything can happen…

+371 26 369 470

Adventure park “Tarzāns”

Eight obstacle routes both for children (3 routes) and adults (5 routes) including the 330 meters long slide across the whole water pit Beberliņi.

+371 27 001 187

Liepāja Theatre

Take a look behind the scenes of Liepāja Theatre! A tour of the Liepāja Theatre is an exciting and educational adventure that will offer a closer look at how the country’s oldest theatre works. With a qualified guide, you will visit the backstage and learn how performances are created – from a technical and artistic point of view, adding new emotions to your next theatre performance visit. The tour lasts 1 hour. All Liepāja Theatre performances are included in the “Latvian School Bag” offer.

+371 63 422 121, +371 29 165 512

Liepāja Puppet Theatre

A tour of the Liepaja Puppet Theatre will reveal the secrets of the puppet realm – making plays and puppets, puppet mastering and other tricks of the acting profession. You too can take on the role of an actor and peep behind the scenes of a show! “Latvian School Bag” programme includes plays and recordings by the Liepāja Puppet Theatre, such as “Dauka. The Good Questions”, “The Fox and the Forest”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Ucipuci searches for home”, “Murjāņu mole and his friends”, “Siren’s Song”, etc. (theatre plays are in Latvian)

+371 26 594 529

Liepāja Museum

The education programme of the Liepāja Museum includes regular classes, available throughout the year, as well as seasonal and curated classes for specific art exhibitions. This season’s novelty has arrived with the beginning of the new school year, and the Liepāja Museum welcomes children and young people to learn about the history of the railway and the port in a new educational class.

+371 29 605 223

The House of Craftsmen

The Craftsmen’s House hosts 16 different craftsmen from the Kurzeme region, who are eager to share their crafts and traditions with guests. You will find folk costumes, metal embellishments, pottery, leather, and amber handicrafts in the workshops. The longest amber beads in Latvia are also here on display. At 123 metres long and weighing 19.5 kilograms, they contain almost 17 000 pieces of amber donated by the people of Liepāja. There are also folk costumes dating back more than 100 years, as well as some newly made ones. You can also sign up for a variety of workshops.

+371 26 541 424

The historical exposition of the Latvian War Museum in Liepāja

The Liepāja coastal artillery battery No.2 which stands among the other sites of Karosta, is still the most secretive location in Liepāja, having been a restricted area for 130 years. The exhibition features reproductions of historical photographs of the 1st Liepāja Infantry Regiment, the 2nd Ventspils Infantry Regiment and the Kurzeme Artillery Regiment from the Latvian War Museum.

+371 25 603 875

Liepāja orienteering grounds

The Liepāja orienteering grounds can be visited at any time of the year. Choose your favourite spot – the Seaside Park, the centre of Liepāja, Karosta or Beberlini – or try them all. At each checkpoint you can mark your result with the mobile app “Qrenteerings” and compare it with your friends.

+371 20 252 282

Surroundings of Liepāja

Mini ZOO “Atomi”

This mini zoo introduces you to rural life and a diversity of interesting and unusual animals – peacocks, Silkies or silk chickens, Indian Runner ducks, African ostriches, donkeys, lamas. Check out the habitat of the Dutch Dwarf goats and a pair of red deer. On the pastures around the zoo, you will also find cows, sheep, and wild horses. Feel free to feed the animals with the specially prepared food.
“Atomi” , Grīnvalti, Nīcas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 25 560 040

Survival School

Survival School for schoolchildren – a field trip to boost communication, trust, and cooperation. Keeping up with your class, in nature, without your phone (digital detox), you will learn some really handy survival skills to be able to take care of your own health and the health and lives of others in crisis situations.
Meža iela 7, Pāvilosta, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 442 462

Treasures in the Kazdanga Manor Park

Orienteering game for primary school groups. Applying the knowledge acquired in science lessons, kids learn to use a map of the park, follow a direction, use backup tools, and identify trees in nature, as well as communicate with each other. At the end of the game, schoolchildren will discover a treasure in a maze of plants.
Kazdangas muižas ansamblis, Kazdanga, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 29 103 813

Underestimated Things Museum

Do you know the difference between a garbage dump and a landfill? Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and embark on an educational tour where everyone, especially groups of schoolchildren, can learn and gain new knowledge about environmental protection and responsible living, with an emphasis on waste management problems and solutions. Check out the Underestimated Things Museum, featuring antique household items, curiosities and valuables found in waste piles.
Ķīvītes, Grobiņas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 446 698

Pāvilosta Museum of Local History

Pāvilosta Museum of Local History offers 3 interactive expositions to explore Pāvilosta, its history and the period when Pāvilosta was a Restricted Zone. Knot tying and net patching workshops are also available for school groups. A 3D glasses experience to watch fishing at sea will surely add to the fun.
Dzintaru iela 1, Pāvilosta, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 63 498 276, +371 29 226 273

Joda Jesters (Kumēdiņi pie Joda)

Take a walk through the Embūte Nature Park and enjoy the game “Joda Jesters”. An exciting activity led by an accomplished jester and storyteller, learning the basics of circus genres in the Embūte Nature Park. Fun, laughter, new skills, bonding to be enjoyed at Joda Dam. Suitable for children from 7 years old and up.
Joda dambis, Embūtes pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 29 665 848

Recreation complex “Lauku kūrorts”

The Rural Resort offers you a game of “Laser Tag”, aimed at “neutralising” your opponents with a harmless infrared beam. There is also the “Die Hard” attraction, trying your hand at obstacle courses of different heights and difficulty, overcoming vertical and horizontal hurdles in a uniquely constructed tower.
“Ūdensrozes” , Kazdangas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 446 670

Pottery studio “Virzas”

At the pottery studio “Virzas” you can practice hands on a potter’s wheel, plaster moulds or simply create some interesting pieces. Activities last up to 2 hours, and after the busy session you can chill out by the fire and explore the nearby Paplaka area.
“Virzas” , Paplaka, Virgas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 534 381

Dwarf Bustle in the Wonder Forest

Dwarf Bustle in the Wonder Forest is a magical place that encourages you to explore mysteries, get creative, play sports, and go on a treasure hunt! Anything is possible here! Perfect for preschool and primary school children.
“Dižozoli” , Priekules pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 260 526

Bakery “Alejas”

The “Alejas” Bakery offers you the opportunity of taking part in the bread baking process, learning the bakers’ trade, and enjoying the smell and taste of warm bread. Children will learn to look at a loaf of bread in a completely different way, as the hostess will show them the work required to get the loaves nicely toasted and brown.
“Alejas”, Rucava, Rucavas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 29 383 994

Stables “Jura Staļļi”

The Stables recreation complex offers you an active and educational pastime. Discover the noblest of animals – the horse, ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Adventurous travellers may try their luck at the “Winged Horse” aerial rope attraction. Picnic area available.
“Kapeļkalēji”, Robežnieki, Grobiņas pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 29 359 778

Zoo “Cīruļi”

Rīga Zoo’s “Cīruļi” branch is a great and enjoyable opportunity to spend a pleasant holiday in the countryside, getting to know the wildlife. The zoo’s enclosures are home to 38 species of wild animals, and you can also meet all kinds of domestic animals here. The keenest eyes will spot the rare European tree frogs in the nearby ponds.
“Cīruļi”, Kalvenes pagasts, Dienvidkurzeme parish.

+371 26 527 549