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Liepāja is a city that combines global scope with benefits of a small town, the city with its own charm, an aura that calls to breeze out and enjoy, feel, create and let your spirit to rise above the daily routine.

Top 8 “must do” things while in Liepāja:

Enjoy cultural travel and get inspired at the best concert hall in the Baltic!

The symbol of the cultural life of the city of Liepāja is the concert hall “Great Amber”, being not only the gem of Liepāja and Kurzeme, but also all of Latvia and the Baltic. Artists from more than 60 countries worldwide perform on stages of the Great Amber throughout the year. Moreover, you are welcome to enjoy theatrical performances in the oldest theatre in Latvia – the Liepāja Theatre, visit the Liepāja Museum or be inspired by concerts of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra.

  1. Take a break from the big city buzz and breeze out in Karosta!

The environment and mentality of Liepāja allows you to fresh up your mind and develop new thoughts and ideas. Breeze out in Karosta, walk along the seashore or Liepāja Lake. Let loose, look at things from the outside, charge yourself, experiment and create something new.

  1. Enjoy the very white sand beach in the world!

Liepāja is proud of its beach – completely natural, blank, and covered with very soft and white sand. After storms, you may sometimes find larger or smaller pieces of amber washed ashore together with seaweed and shells.

  1. Pick an active recreation!

Seaside Park. The pride of Liepāja, it was planted at the end of the 19th century. A 30-hectare giant greenery planted by hands just along the coast. On a colourful playground, children may have lost a sense of time and their parents appear to have a moment of peace with a cup of coffee in their hands, or perhaps, an active time at an outdoor gym nearby. To make the environment more accessible to people with visual disabilities, tactile maps have been installed in the park.

Zirgu Sala Island. The name of the island means “horses’ isle” and it is rooted in the tame, when there was a pasture in the middle of the lake. Beautiful horses were often visitors to the place, but today the best moment to visit an island is during the spring when flying birds return to the lake. There are gorgeous bird love and controversy stories observable here at sunrises. A real nature theatre and a real bird ballet. An awesome walking path extends to the bird-watching tower built deeper in the lake. Walking here makes you feel a part of the tranquillity of nature.

Recreational Park Beberliņi. A place for kite boarders, SUP boarders, canoeing and rowing, air-ropers or simply lounge lovers – soft drinks, solid meals or light snacks in the cabana on the water, all that is an exclusive kind of recreation for everyone.

  1. Smart choice for conferences and seminars

Liepāja offers suitable facilities and services for large corporate events, seminars and conferences. A substantial number of accommodation and catering facilities are also available here. In general, Liepāja may provide place for more than 6400 corporate guests.

  1. Enjoy special flavours in the charming and romantic Liepāja’s cafes!

In Liepāja, there is plenty of tasty offer in charming cafes and gourmet restaurants. Liepāja is well known for its gourmets and demanding clients, therefore you may find here a worldwide variety of cuisines. Overall, the windy city has 66 restaurants, cafes, pubs, bistro and summer cafes. The special food of Liepāja is “Liepājas menciņi” (the Codfish of Liepāja) – a very rich food prepared from the smoked codfish, potatoes and onions following an old recipe from the Southern Kurzeme region. Liepāja is the only place in the world where you can taste this food.

  1. Stay in a stylish hotel!

Liepāja offers a broad variety of accommodation – from an exclusive design five-star hotel at the very edge of the promenade to a classical business-style hotels designed in old industrial buildings. There are 16 hotels, 3 guesthouses in Liepāja, in addition to number of youth hostels and campsites, as well as countless private apartments creating a great mood feeling.

  1. Enjoy an average of 140 different events per month

Liepāja is the capital of Latvian culture – it has mighty cultural traditions, extensive and diverse contemporary entertainment opportunities, high-quality comprehensive cultural offer, visiting artists from all over the world and a wide-range opportunity for everyone to be personally engaged in developing the cultural life of the city. On average, around 140 different events take place in Liepāja, availing everybody to find their own. All events in one place are available at

For more options to do, see and experience in Liepāja, please visit