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Come to Liepāja by road from any direction. The distances are short enough to conveniently make your way to Liepāja without difficulty.

Riga-Liepāja: highway A9, 220 km
Klaipėda-Liepāja: highway A11, 100 km
Ventspils-Liepāja: highway, 120 km
Kuldīga-Liepāja: highway, 90 km



There is both paid parking and free parking in the centre of Liepāja. Some free parking spaces have a maximum time limit, indicated on nearby street signs.

Free parking available:

  • By the concert hall “Great Amber”, Jūras street 18;
  • Near the sea, by 30 Kūrmājas Prospekts at the end of the street;
  • By Liepāja Theatre, at 12 Bāriņu Street;
  • By Liepāja City Council, at 12 Kuršu Street;
  • In Jaunliepāja, Anna’s Market, 22 Tirgus Street;
  • On Zirgu Island.


Paid parking

There are several paid parking spaces in the city centre that operate their meters Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00. Signs indicate the spaces where you must pay. Parking in these spaces is free for the rest of the day, as well as on Sundays and holidays.

No payment is necessary when your vehicle is parked for 5 minutes or less.

Persons with disabilities can park for free at any time with a special permit that must be clearly visible on the dashboard.

Parking fees:

  • 20 minutes – €0.30 (minimum amount to pay)
  • 1 hour – €0.50
  • Every hour after that – €0.50

Minimum additional payment – €0.05.