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Bakūze Manor was first mentioned in written records as early as 1486. Today, you can have a look at the manor’s interior, explore an exhibition of porcelain dishes, enjoy historical tales about the manor, see an ancient Curonian amulet from the 15th century – a bear’s claw, a grain grinding stone, and an ancient stone staircase. You can hike through the sacred places of Embūte, in particular energy filled sites, which have remained of importance to the Embūte locals throughout the ages. We can give you a guided tour of the history of Embūte and the surrounding area. Contact us at +37126199518 in advance to arrange a guided tour. In addition, you can sip tea or coffee from the Rīga Porcelain Factory’s crockery. It is possible to arrange lunch or dinner at Bakūze Manor in cooperation with the caterer. There is a sauna and hot tub, a swimming pool and a fishing pond nearby. By prior arrangement, you can also taste various herbs and vegetables at the local producer ”Embūtes garšaugi”.