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Baltic Coastal Hiking is a long distance hiking route, part of E9, along the Baltic Sea coast. The hiking route starts at the Lithuanian-Latvian border in the village of Nida in Latvia and finishes at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia. The route can be taken in both directions and Tallinn can also be a starting point. The route is divided into days and difficulty levels, which allows you to choose the most suitable distance for yourself.

Length of whole route: ~1200 km (~1.5 mill. steps), composed of: In Latvia – 580 km, in Estonia – 620 km.
Itinerary: Nida – Liepāja – Ventspils – Cape Kolka – Jūrmala – Riga – Saulkrasti – Ainaži – Ikla – Pärnu – Virtsu – Lihula – Haapsalu – Paldiski – Tallinn.
Time required to complete the route: around 60 days. Experienced walkers can cover it in a shorter period of time.
What to see: > 500 natural, historic and cultural objects; about 40 of them in Liepāja and its surroundings.

Join Baltic Coastal Hiking whenever you want, take a break whenever you like and return when you feel it is the right time for hiking!