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Take a ride along all of Liepāja’s bike paths and see the most popular city sites and attractions along the way.

There are currently more than 55 kilometres of cycling infrastructure in Liepāja. You can enjoy charming parks, the sea, voluminous forests and beautiful nature along the bikeways!

For a more scenic cycling experience, here are two great cycling routes you can take:

Old Town (11km)

This route is suitable for all age groups who like active leisure. The route includes the Old Town – Vecliepāja, which lies between the Liepāja Lake, the Baltic Sea and the Trade Canal. It introduces the architectural and natural riches of Vecliepāja. The route winds its way through the city centre, along the canal, through the historical streets, the Seaside Park, the beach and along the lake. The surface of the route is asphalt, paving stones, and the beach.

Karosta (12 km)

Karosta was built in the late 19th century for the needs of the Russian Empire, later on becoming the dislocation base for the Soviet army. It was a closed territory for civilians – a kind of a “town within a town”. Karosta is a unique and inimitable place with strong and sharp contrasts and wide possibilities for active recreation.

Download maps with routes and sites in PDF format here.

Also, try out the skateboarding and cycling track on Zirgu Island in Lake Liepāja. The track is 1.2 km long and is surrounded by scenic views of the wildlife of Zirgu Island and the lake.

Useful information

If you are visiting Liepāja as a guest and wish to rent a bike, bike rental and other useful information for cyclists can be found here.

Bicycle parking are located at popular public sites in Liepāja, such as the Peter’s Market, the City Council, St. Nikolay Cathedral, the railway station, Liepāja Beach, the Rose Square, and other popular attractions.