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There are sophisticated and powerful cultural traditions, extensive and diverse contemporary entertainment opportunities in Liepāja, high-quality and comprehensive cultural offer, artists performing from all over the world, and broad option choice for everyone to engage in shaping and developing Liepāja cultural life.

Together with neighboring regions – Dienvidkurzeme and Kuldīga

It seems quite natural and reasonable to us that we are participating in the European Capital of Culture 2027 project together – the City of Liepāja, the South Kurzeme and Kuldīga Regions. Kurzeme is one of the ancient Latvian territories and by joining forces we are marking the beginning of a new era for this historic region. The European Capital of Culture is a real blessing for strengthening our neighborly ties, preserving identity and integrating common European values in a third part of Latvia. Together we are strengthening not only ourselves, but a very important and dynamic part of Latvia – the Kurzeme region and the country as a whole!

Concept (Un)rest

Liepāja was always used to be a city of paradoxes and opposites, but even regardless of the residence place, we are all constantly hanging between opposites.

Between rest and unrest, noise and silence, action and inaction, buzz and tranquility, full speed and full stop, white and black, joy and grief, love and hatred. Living full means being able to maintain a balance between these two counter-positions.

Considering the fact that Liepāja is a birthplace of the wind, often labeled as the creator of rest and unrest and the feisty force of creativity and overwhelming peace – the concept of Liepāja application is based on the story of (un)rest.

A five-line program has been set up under the (un)rest guideline to address important challenges facing both Europe and Liepāja in particular. Each of the five programme lines – “European Dream”, “Port Paradox”, “New Eyes!”, “Deliberate modesty” and “Creative Forsight” – reveals a story closely linked to Liepāja and its connection to Europe.

The shared vision of the program is to provide everyone with landmarks and beacons in the ever-changing world of rest and unrest.

More information on Liepāja – European Capital of Culture 2027 see here.