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The Freedom Trail opened in 2019 commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Latvian War of Independence thus paying tribute to the battle bravery and heroism of Latvian men against the Bermondt’s army.

There are five information stands placed along the trail, introducing the formation of Karosta and the fortification system rounding the entire city. They also tell more about the Freedom Fights in 1919 and military structures of the Soviet period, as well as life in Karosta during that time. The trail is marked throughout the route with red markers leading to the 9 km long trail, and white markers – to the trail shortcut.

The Republic of Latvia was pronounced on the 18th of November 1918, but in the territory of Latvia, there were still armed forces of several foreign countries.
Battles near Liepāja in November 1919 played an important role in regaining the Latvian freedom, when a nearly 5 times larger enemy force was overpowered thanks to the outstanding heroism of Latvian soldiers. In the aftermath of the Liepāja battles, the Bermondt’s army was expelled out of Latvia.

It is possible to apply for a guided walk.