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On the 7 km route, it is possible to enjoy both the diversity of nature and to see the parts of Liepāja Fortress. At the beginning of the route, the black alders along the canal bank are replaced by the dune forest with pines at the canal mouth, the banks are mostly grassy, but the marshy landscape is visible around the area, where the Lake Tosmare borders the fortress. In several places, parts of Liepāja Fortress are located on the islands and on the peninsula, while the fortress part on the left bank of the canal before its mouth, is known today as the Northern Forts.

It is most convenient to start at the boat ride at the Grīzupes Street, where the boarding takes place. The mouth of the canal at sea is a beautiful and charming place where you can see the wooden piles of the old berths and the monstrous retreat of the forts due to the sea coast erosion. Nearby there is a perfect boat ride finish location and rest and service area with the easy car access.

During the summer time, the Fortress Canal overgrows in many places with floating aquatic plants. It does not interfere with the boating, still it is better to choose the spring or autumn season because of the bog gas. In conditions of increased wind and strong waves, boating must be stopped before reaching the seashore. Boating into the sea with unsuitable boats is dangerous!

Fortress canal boat trip length may be extended by starting it in Liepāja Lake or the Trade Canal, but it is necessary to consider the unsurpassable barriers in like dams and streets where boats have to be carried over, and the dangerously high waves in the Liepāja Lake in conditions of increased wind.