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Liepāja beach has been a popular swimming area since the 1860s when Liepāja was in the process of becoming a well-known spa resort and place to improve your health among European and Russian aristocrats, one of them being the Russian Tsar himself.

Liepāja beach remains a popular destination for vacationers to this day. The beach draws people with its unusually fine white sand. Moreover, the beach is large enough for everyone – 50-80 metres wide and 8 kilometres long. Everyone can find something to do along this beach – kite surfers and windsurfers, fans of active outdoor activities, lovers of serene and untouched nature, as well as those who enjoy special amenities or love gazing at some amazing scenery. There are signs all along the beach indicating the type of activity each part is meant to be used for.

The beach is available for anyone to enjoy

The Blue Flag flies over the beach in summer – a sign of a clean swimming area. The Central beach by the lifeguard station is equipped to accommodate visually and physically impaired people. Special audio buoys have been set up in the water to aid visually impaired people and a wheelchair designed for swimming is available for those with some type of movement disability. A wide wooden boardwalk leads to the sea from the lifeguard station for easier access. There is also a room for parents with young children, so they could take care of their specific needs.

Relaxing together with your pets

Beyond the officially designated bathing areas, dogs are also allowed on the beach as long as kept on a leash. The areas where dog walking is allowed are indicated by signs located at the entrances to the beach. A favourite spot for dog walking is north of the Monument in Commemoration of the Perished Fishermen and Seafarers, located at the end of Kūrmājas Prospekts.

Amber and fake amber

Following strong southwest wind gusts, those attentive enough can search among the seaweed and seashells and find a piece of amber – the gem of the sun. Great care must be taken while hunting for amber pieces however, because white phosphorus also sometimes washes up on shore. Pieces of phosphorus look similar to amber, though a bit paler and easier to crumble, but most importantly they are very dangerous as they quickly ignite once dry and thus may cause burns. Because washed up phosphorous is remarkably similar to real amber, it is suggested to put the amber pieces into a closed container to protect yourself and make sure that your amber find is authentic. Do not put the amber pieces into your pockets!