Izmantojot šo lapu, jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanai. Sīkdatnes palīdz uzlabot pakalpojumu kvalitāti. Uzzināt vairāk

Evaluating the tourism offer of Liepāja and the surrounding region, the ability to present it to international audiences and high-quality standards, Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office was admitted to the European Tourism Association (ETA) and the Nordic Tourism Collective on Thursday, October 28.

Admission to the associations took place after evaluating the presentations and offers of the city of Liepāja at international tourism events and cooperation with industry experts – at the business and event tourism exhibition “IBTM Wired” and the Europe City Fair.

“This is a great honour not only for Liepāja but for the whole Kurzeme region. Even though all recent presentations have taken place online, we have managed to do it convincingly. It is a real pleasure and pride that Liepāja’s offer and ability to advertise the city and region are valued by our European and Nordic industry specialists. Joining these associations allows us to address a much wider target audience and create an even wider network throughout Europe, “said Sintija Pusaudze, the head of the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office.