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Liepāja - European Capital of Culture 2027

Liepāja - European Capital of Culture 2027

There are sophisticated and powerful cultural traditions, extensive and...
17th-19th century interior museum  Madame Hoyer's Guest House

17th-19th century interior museum "Madame Hoyer's Guest House"

The guest house of the meat sorter David Hoyer's widow Margarethe Gertr...
Concert hall  Great Amber

Concert hall "Great Amber"

The dream of a concert hall in Liepāja is more than a century old. The...
Open-air Concert garden  Pūt, vējiņi!

Open-air Concert garden "Pūt, vējiņi!"

Here, in 1964 took place the first in the Soviet Union rock music festi...
Liepāja Museum

Liepāja Museum

Liepāja Museum has a very important role in preserving and popularizing...
Liepāja Theatre

Liepāja Theatre

The oldest professional Latvian theatre in Latvia with an excellent tro...
Culture House  Wiktorija

Culture House "Wiktorija"

The Culture House, where art events and concerts take place. A space th...
Cultural space  Atmodas Dārzs

Cultural space "Atmodas Dārzs"

A venue for concerts and events with a good atmosphere, a relaxing and...
Cultural space  Pegaza pagalms

Cultural space "Pegaza pagalms"

The place of culture and entertainment "Pegaza Pagalms", where concerts...