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Liepāja is a compact and comfortable city where everything necessary for an enjoyable holiday is available.

A cycle friendly city

Liepāja is connected from one end to the other and even to the neighbouring town of Grobiņa by bicycle paths. It is the quickest and easiest way to get to know the city.

Overall, there are currently over 40 km of dedicated bicycle paths in Liepāja.

Several cycling routes have been created for seeing the city.

  • Vecliepāja – city architecture and nature,
  • Catch the wind – city centre, Seaside Park and the Blue Flag Beach,
  • The captivating harshness of Karosta – a unique, one of a kind location surprising visitors with its strong contrasts.

Several tourist attractions in the historical centre of Liepāja have been outfitted with bicycle stands of unified design.

Cycling guides and maps with detailed route information about Liepāja and the surrounding area are available at the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office and other regional tourism information centres.

Useful information

Ecotourism and enjoying nature

A hedgehog on your porch or deer in the dunes by the beach are common in the stories of locals. You can literally feel how nature is coming into the city. This is also because of the proximity of the sea and lake as well as the many trees decorating the city.

Visitors to the city can relax, rest and enjoy slow walks by Lake Liepāja. Two footpaths are available for walking: one on Zirgu Island from which a kilometre-long path goes into the lake and the other at the end of Lauku street where about a kilometre-long boardwalk takes you to a birdwatching tower.

A beach of white sand and the equally wide Seaside Park. The sea moves and changes with the wind, but it always refreshes you. The wind blows out everything we don’t need and refreshes the mind.

The seaside in Karosta has a lot harsher feeling about it. Military fortifications from the time of the Tsars still remain creating some truly breath-taking views. Be careful while exploring what is left of times gone by as the sea is slowly eroding the coast and taking it back with great force.

In the Northern part of Karosta one can find the “Beberliņi recreational park” with its water reservoir – a peaceful place incorporating a scenic pine forest, a campground, a footpath both in the air and on land, and the chance to enjoy activities over the water.

Find that elusive peace and quiet without leaving the city!

Holiday for the family

Parents will surely appreciate recreational opportunities the whole family can enjoy.

Time flies for families with kids in Liepāja. Most of the free time is spent in the city’s “largest sandbox” – Liepāja Beach – and in the Seaside Park children’s playground. Information on where to find children’s playgrounds is available here.

But there are many other places and attractions to visit – the Liepāja Olympic Centre Pool & SPA, ice hall, go-kart track, archery, The Adventure Park “Tarzāns”, paddleboats, Porziņģis’ basketball court and much more. (link to info)

Recreation accessible to everyone

Liepāja is a city of tourism with added value. Travellers of various interests, age and ability can always find something to do. Liepāja takes care of people with special needs and disability, elderly people, as well as parents with young children.

A tour called “Hear, Smell, Touch Liepāja” has been created for blind and visually impaired people. A specially trained visually impaired guide leads the tour which includes historically and culturally significant sites of Liepāja.

The infrastructure of the Lifeguard Station by the Seaside Park allows people with special needs to enjoy swimming activities during the beach season. There are several audio buoys in the water emitting signals so blind people can know how far to swim. People with movement disability have access to special wheelchairs for swimming. Liepāja gives people who have difficulty swimming elsewhere the opportunity to do so on their own or with the help of an assistant.

There is a special location by Liepāja’s central beach for parents who have to take care of the needs of their little one. There are also wide boardwalks that lead to the beach from the Seaside Park.

Throughout the city one will find several tactile maps designed for visually impaired people to better find their way around. There is tactile paving throughout the city which helps to move around freely and independently. The city buses are equipped with screens and speakers to call the route number and names of the bus stops.

We welcome you to Liepāja, a place where you can relax!