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Get to know the surrounding regions by heading to Liepāja or by taking a small detour. Enjoy the authentic traditions, untouched nature or check out collections you have never seen before. There really is something to see here!

Five different routes have been developed for exploring the surrounding regions of Liepāja:


Trail of Traditions
Rucava – Pape – Nīca


Simple seaside scenery, a bird migration path, wild herbivores. Fishing, dragnet fishing and smoked fish. Brightly coloured national costumes, savoury local cuisine. The highest sand dune in the Baltics and the westernmost point of Latvia.


Amber Trail
Pāvilosta – Vērgale – Ziemupe – Saraiķi


Golden coastal sands, the sea, peace and quiet. Smoked fish, the smell of rye bread, wooden boats made by local artisans.


Trail of Secrets
Bārta – Priekule – Vaiņode – Embūte


The longest swamp path in Latvia, a mysterious river valley, parks, a clean water spring. Memory of the land – history and traditions. The largest cemetery in the Baltics for fallen soldiers.


Viking Trail
Grobiņa – Durbe – Kalvene


Traces left by Vikings. Latvia’s smallest city – Durbe. Castle ruins. An outdoors zoo in Latvia’s nature.


Trail of Manors
Kazdanga – Aizpute – Apriķi – Tāši


A glorious past, creative present – a carousel of language, people and tastes. Llocal treats and workshops.