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Liepāja is the hometown of many beloved Latvian musicians – therefore it is the perfect location for the Alley of Fame, a place where anyone can compare their hand with the handprints of many prominent musicians in Latvia.

The Alley of Fame of Latvian Musicians was created in 2006. There on display are 42 plaques with handprints of musicians cast in bronze, 15 plaques with the names of popular Latvian music groups and 7 star plaques are dedicated to musicians who have passed away.

The Alley of Fame has the handprints of, among others, maestro Raimonds Pauls, singer Ieva Akurātere, composer and singer Mārtiņš Freimanis, winner of the 2002 Eurovision song contest Marija Naumova, rock musician Ainars Virga.

The music groups “Credo”, “Eolika”, “Pērkons”, “Zodiaks” are several of the legendary ensembles that have their logos and group member’s names cast in bronze.