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Lake Liepāja is a lagoon created by the receding Baltic Sea. The lake and surrounding meadows are included in the nature reserve “Liepājas Ezers” and is a “Natura 2000” protected area of European significance because of nesting and migratory birds that can be found there. Included in the list of protected bird species are 27 nesting bird species, 10 winter bird species and 50 bird species that feed here during migration.

Lake Liepāja is also a popular fishing and recreation spot. The Trade Canal links it to the sea with boat and paddleboat rentals available. There are two birdwatching towers by the lake – one is at the end of Lauku Street and the other is on the dam created on Zirgu Island.

There is an almost 1 km long boardwalk at the end of Lauku Street that leads to a birdwatching tower in the Lake with a 10-metre high viewing platform to enjoy the surrounding scenery. A bicycle stand is located at the beginning of the boardwalk, right next to the parking lot.

The birdwatching tower on Zirgu Island can be reached by a kilometre-long gravel footpath. The dam on which the birdwatching tower is built reaches almost to the middle of the lake. Zirgu Island Nature Trail has some boardwalk paths, two viewing platforms on the lake, picnic spots as well as outdoor gym equipment. A spacious parking lot is located tht he beginning of the Zirgu Island Nature Trail.