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Participation fee - free of charge

The orienteering route or ground is located within the Liepāja city and consists of many control sites that are actual popular tourism places. You are free to make your own route, as navigation between control sites is not specified.

In total, the route includes 29 tourism sites and places located in the part of the city between Jaunliepāja residential neighborhood and Ezerkrasts. The route includes sites such as the Roman garden, the Julianna courtyard, Horse Island, Seaside Park, Peter Market, the Concert Hall “Great Amber”, Kristaps Porziņģis outdoor basketball ground and other places.

The route can be carried out at any convenient time, either on foot or on a bicycle. The start and finish stage is located at the Liepāja Regional Tourism Information Office, where within working hours you can receive detailed maps with marked control sites free of charge.

There is no specific sequence for control sites, everybody develops their own route, planning the most accurate and rapid pathway possible. It is a great opportunity to challenge friends, family, or colleagues, by competing with each other for the quickest finish. You can change the distance length and complexity by diversifying the order of the control sites. You can also adjust the length of the distance by visiting only part of them. The most important is to check-in at the start and finish points to record the number of sites visited and the time spent in the distance.

You can learn more about every tourism place located nearby the control site, when checking the site by scanning QR code, adjusted to it. To be able to record the time spent in the distance and compare it with others, marking is done with the “Qrenteering” mobile application.

Participation fee - free of charge