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The Redan is a part of the late 19th century Liepāja Sea Fortress, where battles important to Latvia have taken place. Despite the fortifications around Karosta being acknowledged as strategic mistakes and being mostly blown up, the Redan has remained almost completely intact. It is also the only part of the fortifications where actual battles have been fought.

On 14 November 1919 several battles in the War of Latvian Independence were fought here when defending Liepāja against Bermondt’s forces. In the morning of 14 November, Bermondt’s troops crossed the frozen Lake Tosmare and took the Redan. However, in only a few hours the local forces mounted a fierce counterattack and the Germans were forced to retreat.

June through August every day from 11:00-17:00 a knowledgeable guide at the Redan will tell you about the fortress and the historical events of Karosta. Price – 2 EUR per person.

To have a guided tour of the Redan and several locations of battles in the Latvian War of Independence, book a tour by calling at +371 26369470 or writing to: info@karostascietums.lv
Length of tour – 1 hour. Price – 4 EUR per person. Minimum group size – 15 people.