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The Square of Roses is the heart of the city and its main gathering spot. As its name reveals, the unchanging feature of this square is the roses that have regularly been planted here for over a hundred years. First to bloom in spring are the crocuses, followed by daffodils and tulips. Summer is when the gorgeous roses are in full bloom. During winter the square becomes a romantic Christmas island.

Historically, this was the location of the New Market (Jaunais Tirgus). The buildings with the two little towers on top are a testimony to this as they were once the location of the butcher’s shop in the market. After the market was moved to Kuršu Street in 1910, the City Council decided to create a garden of roses in the square. This was done using a strict geometric design with a bed of roses in the centre and symmetrical pathways.  The Square of Roses acquired its current name in 1911.

The symbols of Liepāja’s sister cities can be found on the concrete edges of the rose bed each facing in the direction of the actual city. A very scenic Manchurian walnut tree of national significance is growing nearby.

For anyone wishing to go on a guided tour of Liepāja, it is easy to find a tour guide with Liepāja’s green and red flag in hand waiting in the Square of Roses every day at 12:00 from 1 June through 31 August who will take a group on a two-hour excursion on foot around Liepāja.