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The 3 kilometres long Seaside Park occupies a territory of 50 ha – currently one of the largest planted parks in Latvia. The park was first created at the end of the 19th century in order to beautify the area planned as a spa resort, as well as from a purely practical perspective to stop sand from being blown into the city by the wind.

Just as back then, it is now a favourite spot to rest and relax. The park has a footpath, a children’s playground, cafés, several tourist attractions, football pitches, a basketball court and tennis courts.

The park also has 170 indigenous and non-indigenous tree species, several small architectural forms and fountains achieving a seamless transition from nature into the city. Luxurious 19th and 20th century villas can be seen along Dzintaru Street and Liepu Street at the east side of the park.

Alley of Fame of Latvian Musicians can be found at the end of Peldu Street. The Environmental design object “The Tree of Ghosts” is located  by the Open air Concert garden “Pūt, vējiņi!”. The benches surrounding the tree are in the shape of guitar frets, and by pressing the buttons on the benches, songs from the rock band “Līvi” will start to play. The Peldu Spa building, designed by then Chief City Architect Paul Max Bertschy in 1902, is close by and awaiting its renewal. A short walk further is the Swan Pond. To experience a bit of the early 20th century you can go to the romantic little island in the middle of the pond by crossing a small footbridge.

A pedestrian and a bicycle path weave its way through the entire park, allowing everyone to see and enjoy the available recreational activities.

The Seaside Park is abuzz with different events, concerts and other fun activities in the summertime. Every Sunday at 12:00 from 1 June to 1 September, entertainers from the Puppet Theatre or from the Circus Studio provide entertainment for the kids at the children’s playground at the end of Jūrmalas Street.