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During the Soviet era, the Promenade was a closed military territory all the way from the Tram Bridge to the sea. It is currently a place for a peaceful stroll as well as a vibrant night life, an attractive place to relax with rock and roll and to have business meetings with an artistic touch.

You can get a great view of Liepāja’s concert hall, the yacht wharf of the Trade Canal, fishing vessels and busy port workers. The Promenade is beautifully adorned by an amber hourglass, made by using countless pieces of amber gathered by locals of Liepāja. A miniature map of the surrounding area is also there, allowing one to see the area from a birds-eye view as well as to feel the contours of the miniaturized buildings with your fingers.

The Promenade also has a popular music club with a casual atmosphere, several eateries serving delicious food, and even a gym that stays open 24/7. Also there is “Promenade Hotel” which was created by reconstructing an old port warehouse and now features an art gallery in the lobby that is worth seeing just for its interior design alone.