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The Trade Canal is 3 km long, connecting the Baltic Sea with Lake Liepāja and separating Vecliepāja (Old Liepāja) from Jaunliepāja (New Liepāja). Excavation of the canal began in 1697 with the intended purpose of creating a new port because the river Līva that used to run through Liepāja and once functioned as a port had become clogged.

The Trade Canal offers a number of activities to enjoy on water, such as paddleboats, boat cruises, taking a raft on the canal, and even a sauna on a floating house. Several recreational opportunities are available starting from the Tram Bridge in the direction of Lake Liepāja. For those wishing to rent one of the watercrafts, may we suggest going around Atteku Island. The different types of watercraft can be rented at two locations – by the canal in between the two bridges and near Lake Liepāja.

The Trade Canal would not be the same without its fishermen, especially in winter, when it’s the best time to catch the European smelt. They are small, peculiar fish that smell like fresh cucumbers. During especially cold winters when the ice is thick enough, ice fishermen come and stay on the frozen canal all day and all night.