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When a traveller finds themselves in Liepāja, rejuvenation comes not only from long walks in the city parks and along the magnificent beach but also from enjoying the beautiful architecture, splendid wall paintings, and conversations with locals. A visit isn’t complete without sampling the local flavours, and Liepāja’s range is wide and varied, featuring everything from cosy taverns and cafes to refined, highly acclaimed restaurants.

What flavours and dishes await you on the western coast of the Baltic Sea? A leisurely morning is best started with a cup of good coffee, and Liepāja boasts several excellent coffee shops catering to the modern, hurried individual. Enjoy your hot beverage in a variety of styles, accompanied by a perfectly golden croissant, a delicate pastry, a traditional “sklandrausis”, or sophisticated bread from a French boulangerie. The abundance of confectioneries is simply overwhelming!

For a resident of South Kurzeme and the coastal area, a meal isn’t complete without seafood. Here, you can enjoy crayfish soup or the classic fish soup, fried herring, grilled mackerel, or baked salmon. The selection depends on the fishermen’s catch, but one thing is certain: seafood lovers will find plenty to savour!

For those in search of a refined culinary experience, Liepāja now boasts a restaurant included in the prestigious Michelin guide – MO Liepāja. Offering hearty breakfasts with a modern culinary twist and elaborate main courses like a venison burger, Irish lamb, or Burrata cheese ravioli, this place is a delight for gourmets. Take the Michelin experts’ advice and request a table with a view of the terrace, enhancing your dining experience with a beautiful backdrop.

A novel addition to Liepāja’s dining scene this season is “Chef Nauris Hauka”, where the chef, Nauris Hauka himself, personally welcomes guests. He describes his style as “natural, direct, honest,” mirroring the essence of his culinary creations.

The true taste of Liepāja, however, is more elusive. “Liepāja comes alive in the summer, buzzing with activity, but even in the off-season, flavour enthusiasts are welcomed warmly. The city’s offerings cater to every taste and budget. The restaurant scene is constantly evolving, with new establishments spurring the existing ones to greater heights. We believe in collaboration over competition, each carving out our unique niches,” explains a newcomer, highlighting the significance of Liepāja Restaurant Week. This event not only introduces visitors to new culinary destinations but also serves as an impetus for the chefs’ continued growth and creativity.

Modern cuisine aficionados will find plenty to excite their palates in Liepāja, with restaurants offering French, Scandinavian, Italian, and Asian dishes. Notably, Liepāja is home to the first restaurant in Latvia to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza, complete with a recipe from sunny Southern Europe and pizza boxes just like those used in Italy!

For those craving heartier, quick meals, the array of burgers, sushi, kebabs, chebureki, and other weekend favourites in Liepāja is impressively diverse.

But for those who appreciate traditional Latvian cuisine, there is now a special place in Liepāja, an authentic gem – restaurant “Hoijeres krogs”, located in the 17th-19th century interior museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest House”, which also features a historic mantelpiece with a bread oven.

Restaurants and cafés in Liepāja