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The largest and one of the most varied grey dunes in Latvia. Grey dune of Pāvilosta spread to the north from the Saka river mouth within the length of 1.5 km and their width reaches even 812 m in some places. It is specially protected habitat in Latvia and is included in the list of EU protected biotopes. The Nature Reserve “Grey dune of Pāvilosta” was established to provide the protection of specially protected biotopes – a grey dune covered by caulescent plants, grey dunes with shrubbery stands, woody seaside dunes, dry heath of sand plains of the coastal lowland and the protection of the specially protected species living there.

In earlier times the fishermen used to leave their boats and to dry fishing nets, therefore this area is of cultural and historical significance.

For better seeing Gray dune of Pāvilosta, a sightseeing platform of two floors, a car park, and informative signs have been made. For complete comfort, pedestrian footbridge leading to the sea has been built.