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  • Horse Riding
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  • Rucava – Nīca
  • Pāvilosta – Ziemupe
  • Priekule – Vaiņode
  • Grobiņa – Durbe
  • Aizpute – Kazdanga
  • Children friendly
Recreation Place  Volzbahs

Recreation Place "Volzbahs"

During winter - more than 100 m long downhill ride on skis, snowboard,...
Curonian Vikings Settlement

Curonian Vikings Settlement

The opportunity to learn about the Curonian Vikings life wisdom, imagin...
Picnic boats

Picnic boats

Rides with the picnic boat "Bartinera", "Matilde" and "Elita" on the Bā...
Recreation Complex  Jura staļļi

Recreation Complex "Jura staļļi"

Horse-back riding classes, horse-back riding on the field and in the wo...
Recreation in Camping  Pāvilosta Marina

Recreation in Camping "Pāvilosta Marina"

Small ship, motorboat and boat rides.
Laser Tag Game  Plan B

Laser Tag Game "Plan B"

The analogue of Paintball, Laser Tag is a high-tech game, which aims to...
High Ropes course  Cietais rieksts  /  The Hard Nut

High Ropes course "Cietais rieksts" / "The Hard Nut"

A chance to challenge yourself on courses of different height and diffi...
Cīrava Forest Park

Cīrava Forest Park

The park along the Durbe River has some footpaths with little bridges a...
Horseback rides  Stiebriņi

Horseback rides "Stiebriņi"

Riding on horseback and on pony or in a horse cart for competition alon...